Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Boss' Day! Tell Us About Your Boss!

When I started working here at EmploymentGuide.com, my co-workers took me out one Friday after work. We sat around the bar at Chili's and over drinks and chips and salsa, we started talking about work and they proceeded to tell me that our General Manager, Lyle Stone, would be the best boss I'd ever work for. So far that's proven to be true. This is pretty hard to find considering what a lot of people have to deal with sometimes.

Not only does he really abide by our "open door policy", meaning that you really feel like you can go in and sit down with him when you have a problem, but he asks about our lives, and he knows how to motivate our team into being one of the top sales offices in the country. So on this National Boss Day, we'll be celebrating his hard work and dedication to his staff. So thank you Lyle!

Not only do we have Lyle but we also have our Office Manager, Marsha Eversole. Marsha is the general care-taker of the office. While she fields calls when we're caught in traffic or at home sick, she handles payroll and HR duties, oversees our accounts receivable department, and helps organize office birthday celebrations. You can expect your desk to be a mess on your birthday. (See picture below of Charlotte's desk on her birthday.) It's great to have someone you work for to make you feel right at home. Thank you Marsha.

We are very fortunate to be working for two great individuals. How about you? Feel free to share good stories about your past and present bosses by posting a comment!

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