Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Finding that Needle in the Haystack. Monthly Poll

Now a days there are numerous platforms do to anything, especially when it comes to finding a job. So here at EmploymentGuide we were wondering how you go about finding potential jobs. Please take the survey below and check back soon for the results!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Job Search 101: Pt 1 Getting Your Feet Wet

When first jumping into the job search, it can be scary (I know because I was there not too long ago).  Today's job market is tough and extremely competitive. There are many things that job seekers should be doing BEFORE they even apply. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be sharing some tips to help you along your job hunt.

1. Decide What You Want To Do- When you are job hunting, that is your job. So this is the perfect time to figure out who you are and what you want to be doing. If you're not sure there are a lot of websites that can help guide you. One idea to get started is taking a quiz to see what careers match your personality.  As cheesy as it sounds, the world is your oyster so find a career that gets your excited. 

2. Make the First Move- If there is a company that you have been lusting after it's ok to email (make sure to attach a resume) to inquire about future vacancies. One thing to keep in mind: do not flood their inboxes! The last thing you want to do is to come across as a stalker. 

3. Act Fast- Apply for it!- I highly recommend that you are continuously checking job boards because new positions get posted all the time. Also check unconventional methods, like social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. What this really comes down to is the need to jump on opportunities. When you come across a job post that sparks your interest- Apply ASAP. The longer you wait the longer the list of other applicants will grow. By sending it in sooner, this can help from falling in between the cracks.   

4. Follow Directions- While this seems simple enough, many people eliminate themselves by not following directions. Many employers will simply throw out your resume if you did not follow the directions. They believe that if the application process is not done correctly, then what will happen when you are in the position. So ALWAYS double check that you have done what they asked.

While these are the starting points to your job search, the one thing that you should always have on hand is a CV and resume. On the next post I will be diving into cover letters, resumes, and e-mailing them (ohh my!). 

Friday, October 08, 2010

Charlotte Job Fair October 19th!

Are you ready to join us? We are quickly approaching Charlotte's Career Fair October 19th.  Come out and meet recruiters from dozens of Charlotte's top companies. The job fair is free for all job seekers and will be open from 9:30 am- 1:00 pm. Get there early to register or to save time register now. Just click here!

Employers that will be joining us:
Army Nat. Guard
Assurance Group
Correct Care Solutions
Drive Time
H & R Block
Police Dept
The Lash Group
New Horizons
Step by Step
Troy Un.
US Army

Important things to remember: 

When: October 19, 2010
Time: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Facility: Hilton Garden Inn Ayrsley
               1920 Ayrsley Town Boulevard
               Charlotte, NC 28208

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Bring plenty of resumes and dress to impress. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

North Carolina Employment Guide has Good Turnout

North Carolina Employment Guide had a great turnout at their most recent job fair, held in Greensboro. The event was hosted at the Clairon Greensboro and about 1,200 jobseekers were in attendance.  More than 50 companies were at the job fair looking to fill hundreds of positions within the Triad region.  The fact that so many companies came to the job fair to recruit local talent may be a good sign for the unemployed citizens in the Triad area.
Joe Fagan, manager of Triad Employment Guide, was also optimistic about the turnout of the job fair when he talked to News 14 Carolina: “What's great about what we're seeing is that not only are these companies coming out and hiring before the economy has fully recovered, but… also they're expecting it to recover, –they're expecting more business to come in. They're hiring more sales people, they're hiring different departments.”
Triad Employment Guide has one more Job Fair in Winston Salem. If you are a recruiter and would like for your company to be involved in the next job fair contact Joe Fagan at 888-512-0927 or email at

Friday, July 30, 2010

Charlotte Job Fair - 5 Important Interview Tips

Here at the Charlotte Employment Guide, we are getting ready to throw an amazing Job Fair at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport. Part of putting together the event is helping the Charlotte community to engage with the hiring companies and find the best possible opportunities that can impact their lives.

Today, I wanted to share with you 5 important interview tips that you should remember when talking to these recruiters live on August 10th! My suggestion would be to jot down some notes, get your short pitch memorized and practice in front of the mirror.

5 Charlotte Job Fair Interview Tips To Remember
  1. Do Your Homework. Do some research on the companies that will be attending so you have an idea of what they are looking for and how you can bring value to their organization. 
  2. Watch Your Nonverbal Communication. The way you carry yourself, use your eyes and use your body language will tell an employer a lot about your character. Remember to carry yourself with confidence and integrity. 
  3. Don't Exaggerate Or Lie. Remember that many cases of your work history are only a phone call or a Google search away. Be prepared to back up any statements you make to recruiters at the job fair. 
  4. Emphasize The Positive. No matter your previous work situation, or the current environment, be sure to steer your conversation into a positive light. What you CAN do, what you HAVE done and what is possible with your skill sets are a great place to start. 
  5. Wait For An Offer To Bring Up Salary. You will want to stay away from pay on the first conversation. While this is an important factor, keep the conversations on your value and getting the job offer, or the 2nd interview. Then come in and ask about pay. 

Remember these 5 tips as you prepare for the Charlotte Job Fair on August 10th. These tips will help you look professional and give you an advantage over the hundreds of job seekers looking for the attention of the employers at the event.

If you haven't already, please register for the Charlotte Job Fair today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Charlotte Job Fair Comes To Sheraton Charlotte Airport On August 10th

Charlotte Job Fair August 2010
The Charlotte Employment Guide along with the AARP are excited to bring you a job fair on Tuesday, August 10th at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport. Job seekers of all ages are invited to visit employers from the area who are looking to hire greta employees that can impact their organization.

In addition to the hiring employers at the job fair, the AARP will be holding Branding Workshops to help those looking to brand themselves in today's market. After attending these hour long workshops entitled “The Power of Promoting Yourself at 50+,” job seekers will leave with new skills that will benefit them in their overall job search.

Attendees at the Charlotte Job Fair should come dressed professionally and bring updated resumes for employers.  The event begins at 9:30 and runs till 1pm.

Venue Information
Charlotte Sheraton Airport
3315 Billy Graham Parkway & Billy Graham Pkwy
Charlotte, NC 28208

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For an updated list of hiring companies and to pre-register for this event, please visit the Charlotte Employment Guide. Remember to click on the red "pre-register" button to get the latest notifications and skip the line at the event.

We look forward to seeing you on the 10th and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

How Are You Spending Your Time While Job Searching?

For many in the Charlotte area that are looking for employment, their day is split up between looking through job boards, classified ads and social networks, hoping to find that one opportunity that can change things around for them.

But what about the rest of your time?

A few weeks ago we shot a video that went over a typical day of a job seeker, and ways to focus on the important things that will create opportunities for you.

This week we got wind of one local Charlotte job seeker who saw a big opportunity to help others, even though he could use a hand in the job seeking process. Andrew Lizotte, and his girlfriend Maria are putting their days on the unemployment grind on hold to use their bikes for good.

Being young and unemployed has its benefits as in a recent article on the Evening Telegram, Andrew stated:

“[It] came from wanting to see parts of the country that I've never seen before from a perspective that not many people experience. Also the feeling of accomplishment that follows challenging yourself physically is second to none.”
What I see from Andrew is an initiative to take action to make his life better. He has stopped waiting for opportunities to come to him and instead is creating opportunities.  You can follow Andrew and Maria on their site, They will be traveling over 4,200 miles on their bikes raising money for Haiti relief and Operation USA.

What are you doing to create opportunity for yourself in the job market? What do you think of Andrew's ambition and quest? Share your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter.