Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Industrial Blog: Maintenance Workers, Employees vs. Contractors

Last Friday I attended ConvergeSouth, an unconference about social networking and blogging. I met a lot of people in the Greensboro area who were avid bloggers or trying to learn how to get started. One individual, Johnny Welch I happened to meet walking back to my car after Friday and found out he wrote an industrial blog. It's got some great information for those of you in maintenance jobs or in an industrial setting. I'm not mechanically inclined but I added his blog to the list of local blogs for your reference.

I particularly wanted to point out this post where he talks about the differences between company and contracted workers. Some of the benefits of being a company employed worker. It might give some good insight to those of you out there trying to decide to stay with (or move to) a company or to set out doing contracted work.

In terms of the job hunt, unconferences are a great way to network and talk to people who might be hiring! Generally, they're free or very low cost, you get to talk about your industry with other experts and enthusiasts, and just like any other networking event, could be your ticket to meeting your next employer.

-Rosie Reilman

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