Thursday, July 08, 2010

How Are You Spending Your Time While Job Searching?

For many in the Charlotte area that are looking for employment, their day is split up between looking through job boards, classified ads and social networks, hoping to find that one opportunity that can change things around for them.

But what about the rest of your time?

A few weeks ago we shot a video that went over a typical day of a job seeker, and ways to focus on the important things that will create opportunities for you.

This week we got wind of one local Charlotte job seeker who saw a big opportunity to help others, even though he could use a hand in the job seeking process. Andrew Lizotte, and his girlfriend Maria are putting their days on the unemployment grind on hold to use their bikes for good.

Being young and unemployed has its benefits as in a recent article on the Evening Telegram, Andrew stated:

“[It] came from wanting to see parts of the country that I've never seen before from a perspective that not many people experience. Also the feeling of accomplishment that follows challenging yourself physically is second to none.”
What I see from Andrew is an initiative to take action to make his life better. He has stopped waiting for opportunities to come to him and instead is creating opportunities.  You can follow Andrew and Maria on their site, They will be traveling over 4,200 miles on their bikes raising money for Haiti relief and Operation USA.

What are you doing to create opportunity for yourself in the job market? What do you think of Andrew's ambition and quest? Share your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter.



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It's so frustrating to know that Lizotte graduated with honors in accounting but didn't get a job relating his field, nevertheless what he and his girlfriend did to help charity is amazing and is truly inspiring.

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