Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Networking Ideas For Your Job Search

Networking to find a job
The right person, at the right time or place can really impact your ability to find great job opportunities in the Carolinas and then get your foot in the door, one step closer to that desk, office, or being in the field representing that company.

Some people call this timing luck. I like to think of it as strategic networking. The people you meet over the course of your life have all the impact in the world as to how you live and navigate your life.

Someone at an event telling you about a website or resource. A friend telling you about an opening at their firm or business. Running into an old buddy that puts your mind back into a certain state that changes your direction or motivation.

So where do you go about looking for people to add to your network?

You can 100% start online. Its called social networking, isn't it. Get started on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find like minded professionals.

Then take your networking offline. Meet recruiters and search firms. Get their insight and leverage their networks.

Venture out to live events in your local scene. Look for events both in and out of your niche or industry. If you are looking for a marketing position, look for marketing, advertising, public relations, online marketing, social media, business development, sales and other related meetups and events. Go out and meet someone and deliver value to them and it will come back to you.

Head on out to a local job fair, conferences, trade shows and other big time events where people are paying good money to meet people like you and talk shop.

Under30CEO recently published a great article on the after part of networking that centers around ways to follow up. From writing on the backs of business cards to sending links and news to these people that add value to taking new contacts out for coffee.

Lastly, take advantage of job boards and connecting with the people behind the job postings. We have a great video that goes over some strategies to doing just this.

So, what are you doing to be in the right place at the right time?


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