Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Courtesy Please

Photo by: Thai Jasmine
Alright, we all know how the economy is right now and what is going on, but we somehow fail to acknowledge those that try to help. What? I drive into work everyday and sometimes traffic is worse than any other day. This week, back to the regular: no courtesy; people cutting each other off-result: crash and burn. Weird how things work; however, thankful for my job and thumbs up to those that still possess a job-I was paying attention to the traffic more than usual this morning and the rude drivers. I’ll get to where I am going with this in little bit…believe me it all rolls into one.
Currently, there is still a dip in the economy and thankfully enough we have some people that are willing to reach out. Recruiters and employers are working together to put the world back to work. There are job openings; you just have to try harder than before, unlike five years ago you have to change tactics. Don’t get discouraged if it is taking you more than a couple months to find a job or hear back from a company; that is just the way it is now. In case you haven’t noticed…there are some very qualified people out there without a job title.
Life is a cycle, everything plays a role-from driving to work to being at home with family…this is something to learn from each environment. So, keep in mind that when you are attending an event whether it is a job fair, open house, school or a recruitment/staffing agency you have to be on your best behavior. Sounds like something you say to your children? It applies to all ages. How do you feel? Are you happy, sad, mad, aggravated? Your mood plays a big role in your life…it really does, I am not just making this up, just think about it for a little bit. First impressions are very important and last for a considerable amount of time…sometimes it’s a deal breaker. How often do you like to speak to someone when you are in a foul mood? Relax.
Are you as aggressive with your job search as you are with your driving? Maybe, you should relax a little bit (don’t be so angry and frustrated; be more aggressive if you are one that lets every person in your lane and get ahead.)
With that reiteration here are some points to keep in mind when you are attending an event…it’s really not any different from being a guest in someone’s house.
  • Show some courtesy (it took a considerable amount of time to put the event together)
  • Recruiters/Employers are there for you
  • Speak to ALL employers present (you never know what they have to offer)
  • Ask about the positions they have open or upcoming positions
  • Smile-be happy
  • Don’t be rude-treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Remember this is your chance to speak face to face with an employer
  • Change your tactics-keep an open mind
Do you see how everyday life can make a difference in your mood? SMILE!! "Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."~Ralph Waldo Emerson

-Khon Phaxai


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