Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Economic Trouble….What Happened?

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Do we really know what anyone is thinking? And what’s the reasoning behind the decision? Is science really right? No, we don’t know, and if we did then it would be a really boring world and nobody would have to vote. Everyone would think the same, no opinions, and well…we wouldn’t have the economic problems, now would we?

In February, there was a poll that showed 13 percent of our people were concerned about health care and 52 percent worried about the economy. Now, with that number in mind…why was the health care such a big issue? That is something I would need explained to me.

Regardless of what I think or have to say; the unemployment rate has held at a steady 9.7 percent. The number may not seem that big of a deal, but it is since the beginning of the economic downturn we lost 8.4 million jobs. With the new incentive (nearly $1trillion- 2,000 page health care packages) we are looking at possible 250,000 jobs by the end of 2010. That is a good thing, in the matter of job offerings. Don’t forget that right now the Census Bureau is looking for nearly 10,000 employees or more in certain areas so get your resume and go apply for the job at the Department of Labor. Don’t say, “There are no jobs, and no one is hiring.” At that point you are only lying to yourself and not trying hard enough. It takes a longer time, now, to even get a job response than it did two years ago. During this time of crisis it’s a call for tougher measures, longer hours. Prepare yourself for the long haul people…it’s only the peak.

Check out http://www.employmentguide.com/ for jobs and the Department of Labor to see what they have to offer.

If you know any company that is looking for a large number of positions to fill, let me know. We can help others find a job! The more information that we can provide each other

-Khon Phaxai

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