Thursday, January 15, 2009

Part Time Work is Tougher to Find

The job market is changing. Well, we didn't have to tell you that. But recently the Fort Mill Times reported just how things are changing, particularly restaurants. They asked local restaurant managers about the situation in Fort Mill:

The food industry, typically an area where part-time work is available, has been closing its doors to new workers in recent months.

... Although many food service workers are high school or college age, there has been a recent shift in the types of people applying for part-time work, according to Patel. Many of the applications Subway has received come from people with full-time jobs looking for extra work on the side. Some come from people who have been laid off from corporate offices, Patel said.

This just means that those of you seeking out hourly jobs need to be on your game too.

"What the employers are looking for is the right attitude," Stone said. "Is this person going to be a good fit, or an irritant? If the people at the counter don't care if you're there, they're not going to keep their jobs."

This news isn't so that you will panic but realize that there is some competition out there, even for part-time employment. The story even tells accounts of some places getting up to 4,000 resumes from walk-ins in one day. It just requires a little more effort on the job seeker's part and fine-tuning of your job search strategies.

Read the full article from Fort Mills Times.

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- Rosie Reilman, Photo by Bob Jagendorf

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Sara said...

This is an interesting post, especially when I just wrote an article about the job recession. When I was a teenager and I wanted to find a quick job, I went straight to the local restaurant because I always knew I would have a guarenteed job. Those days are long gone, and now baby boomers are taking the restaurant jobs while the teenagers walk in the streets aimlessly because they can't find a job. It is quite sad to say the least. My friend graduated college with a communications degree and she can only find a job making $7 an hour at a cosmetic stand! Hopefully the economy will pick up.

Sara, (check out my employment & Career blog)