Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 Reasons Your Job Search Isn't Working

Frustrated with your job search? Sometimes looking for a job doesn't always go as planned. For whatever reason, you might not get tons of callbacks on your applications (or even one). So now what? The Examiner, rightfully named to this article, posted self-examination tips for job searching. Elizabeth Freedman suggests taking an honest look at your job search and really figure out what's not working. Take a look at her reasons your job search might not be working:

1. Time

More often than not, job seekers will diagnose ‘time’ as the problem to their job search situation.Quite simply, these folks simply haven’t put in enough of their time on a regular basis to make any real progress.

2. Interviews

If you’re like a lot of job seekers, you might discover that you are putting in the time, but you simply aren’t getting selected for a lot of interviews. We all run into this issue on occasion, but if you haven’t landed a job interview since Bill Clinton was in office, this could be your temperature talking.
As many of us have experienced, it is one thing to get the job interview, but it’s entirely another to land an offer. This is the trickiest job search diagnosis, because for each of us reading this article, there’s probably a different reason why we may have not received a job offer after interviewing for a position.

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Read the full article for tips on how to remedy these problems: What to do when your job search isn't working.
- Rosie Reilman, Photo by Zach Klein

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