Friday, January 18, 2008

Submit Your Resume for the Job Fair Database

One of the great things about our job fairs is that we like to make sure that you reach all of the employers who attend our event, so we're allowing those interesting in attending to pre-register. Send us your resume and it will be included on a CD that will be distributed to all of our participating employers at the event! Not only that, but we also understand that not everyone can make a 4 hour window for our job fairs, so if you can't stop by on your lunch break, you can still submit your resume.

Check and Double Check
Make sure your resume is ready for submission! It does you or your future employers no good if you submit an unfinished, unpolished resume. Here's a couple of posts containing tips on writing a well put together resume to submit to employers.

Subject Line and Naming Your Document
For our CD, I always ask that when submitting your resume you put your desired industry in the subject line. This way I can place your resume in a folder so employers can go to that folder and don't have to sort through the hundreds of other resumes from industries that they have no interest in. So when you pre-register or submit your resume for our job fair, make sure you put your industry or job title in the subject line.

Then when you name your document, save it as your name or a job title such as SocialMediaSpecialist.doc or maybe 10YearsExperienceEngineer.pdf This way it can catch the attention of someone browsing the files in the folder and yours can stand out. Make sure it's appropriate and still professional. Most programs sort files by alphabetical order so you can keep that in mind by using numbers or letters at the beginning of the alphabet to get your document at the top of the list.

Send the Resume' Over!

Once you're ready, send it over to If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I'd be happy to answer.

We look forward to seeing you if you do plan on attending. Here's a little of what to expect.

- Rosie Reilman
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Anonymous said...

Providing the hiring pro's with a CD of categorized resumes sounds like a great idea. This subset of resumes will be much smaller and more exclusive than the zillions of resumes which employers must wade through on the web. Its kind of like getting to enter an exclusive lottery with lots less competition, provided much higher odds of a "hit"!