Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Clocks-A-Ticking

 Photo by: Timothy Valentine

When you're in a position where you think you've got a lot of ego and you might perceive it as power-If you're in a position to make things happen-That allows you tremendous opportunities which other people don't have.-Alan Bond

Heard that before? I hadn’t, not till now. My point in that quote would be the ‘ego’ part that people seem to get into their brain and think they can out do and out take anything and everything. It’s not true. The body and the brain sometimes don’t agree with each other. Our mentality is very strong. It’s very important to take great care of our body. Stress is a major fact in heart disease, especially with how everyone is looking at the market. If you need to find a job check out; we can help you find the road to success!

For many of us, money is tight and just barely making ends meet. Those that work the Late Night Shifts, have it worse than all others. Not to concentrate on the negative points of a third shift job, it does pay well and more than other shifts. However, is it worth it?

Those that work the LNS, you have to keep up with your body; make sure you are eating right-Fruits and vegetables-, exercising, and getting enough sleep. It’s hard, yes, I know but it is very possible. It doesn’t take long for your body to react to changes, so what you do will affect you for a lifetime. The clock ticks without missing a second; however, the heart sometime skips a beat. Don’t argue just yet. Yes, we have an internal clock the “circadian rhythm” which is the internal clock within our body that regulates our eating and sleeping habits. Regardless, it can be adjusted to one’s lifestyle. You can’t do it overnight, if you can-make sure you let me know-it’ll take a couple of weeks for the body to adjust and that could mean fatigue or no sleep at all. That is why for those that work the LNS tend to have poorer health and higher risk factors: high blood pressure, stress, low metabolism, fatigue, and heart disease.

So for your health it will be best to learn how to manage your time wisely-better than normal-and pick up on some stress relieving tips. One of the great tips…Exercise! Who would of thought? To help your heart, breathing, and keeping your metabolism from hitting rock bottom. Release the endorphins in your body-it makes you feel better.

I leave you with Thomas Richards: “There is so much in life I can’t control. But this is my life and I’ve decided to be happy. I can choose to be happy regardless of my other circumstances. It’s not "when I get a promotion, I’ll be happy....." or "when I can speak in front of a small group of people, I’ll be happy....." The focus should be on learning to be happy now. Tap into your inner peace and contentment in the way that works best for you.”

-Khon Phaxai

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