Tuesday, March 10, 2009

24/7 Job Seeker Advice on JobRadio.Fm

How would you like 24/7 advice on your job search? JobRadio.fm broadcasts various radio and podcast shows on the web with advice for any aspect of the job search! It's a great website that was emailed to us by one of our readers. Below you'll find the email that was sent to us that describes the site and gives a first-hand account of what exactly JobRadio.fm is and how this individual finds it useful.

I don’t always have the time to read a book or even listen to books on CD when it comes to career or job hunting advice. So what I do is listen to Jobradio.fm which is streamed live 24/7 on the internet and through iTunes radio. I like Jobradio.fm simply because it gives you a variety of career advice and job searching information that is useful and timely.

Jobradio.fm covers the basics like how to make your resume standout, how to explain gaps in your employment history, how to pass the phone screen interview, how to ace that interview once your in the door and how to network. You can also learn what the latest employment trends are in your industry. The basic format of jobradio.fm is the interview. They interview small and large business owners, major employers, people who have changed careers, the housewife who started a business at home, human resource representatives, recruiters, hiring managers and authors plugging their latest book. So if you don’t have the time to read the latest a book on networking or managing your career - tune in to JobRadio.fm.

- Allan B.

This seems like a great resource and we've listened in to a few really great segments. (We must mention that the opinions expressed on the jobradio.fm broadcast are those of the hosts and are not necesarrily those of the the writers of this blog). So it's definitely worth checking out and adding to your job search resources. Every tip that can help you stand out in the crowd is a great idea.

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