Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Employment Guide Carolinas Office Wants To Help

Today was our second “Putting Americans Back To Work” job fair in Charlotte. Again, over 1,000 job seekers attended this event looking for employment. Unfortunately, there were more job seekers than jobs available, and while many walked away with a new job or at least a follow up interview, many more were not as fortunate. You've probably seen some of the blog posts and news coverage we've received in the last few days.

A few weeks ago we received an invitation to Job Angels, a group that's sole purpose to help job seekers out - just help 1 person find 1 job. We were moved by this initiative, so we at The Employment Guide here in the Carolinas decided to get on board.

At each of our job fairs we collect resumes for people who cannot attend or who would like to pre-register for our event. We then share these resumes with employers who attended our event. Because of the overwhelming amount of resumes we received for our February Job Fairs we decided to do our part and try to be “Job Angels” ourselves.

We originally published our offer on Twitter but decided to open this up to all of our blog readers as well. Throughout the month of February, if you have a job to offer, you can direct message @carolinajobs via Twitter or email (Subject: Job Angel); we'll search our database for job seekers who match the type of jobs available.

To qualify for this promotion, you'll need to send us your:

  • Company Name
  • Job location (Charlotte, Greensboro or Raleigh & surrounding areas)
  • Job Title or Keywords (to give us an idea of what you're looking for)
  • How you want the job seeker to contact you

Only companies with hourly or salary jobs will qualify. We will research all companies who make request and of course reserve the right to withhold job seeker information from any company who does not qualify. We want to help as many job seekers as we can, plus this is a great opportunity for those of you with one or two jobs that you'd like to fill.

Once you send us your information, we'll research your company, search our database of job seekers, and then contact a few that we think might qualify to fill your position. We will encourage the job seekers to contact you directly. The great thing is it's free for all involved… our own little stimulus package right here in the Carolinas, and we didn’t have to spend Billions of $$$$.

- Rosie Reilman

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Ray said...

Here's 3 job sites from's top ten job sites- (professional networking) (aggregated listings) (matches jobs based on your skills)

good luck to those looking.