Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Charlotte's Identity and Employment Situation after Wachovia's Sale

Last week a friend of mine sent me this Times Article: Postcard from Charlotte. It paints Charlotte as America's best kept secret. That was last week. This week you'll see talk about crisis at the gas tank and questions raised about the recent sale of Wachovia.

My friends over at CLTBlog have some interesting discussions going on about Charlotte's identity and whether or not it's only a banking city. The Charlotte Business Journal's Erik Spanberg also has a commentary on how quickly things changed. Whether Charlotte's identity is lost because one of it's major banks' downfall, the consensus on this poll at least is that Charlotte will bounce back... That things aren't as dire as maybe they seem right now. Today's ERE Daily also has a great article that suggests that companies are less likely to hire and folks who already have jobs are deciding that now isn't the time to make a job change.

Now, I am no financial analyst or economist... So it's time for you to sound off on your thoughts in general about what's going on in the Queen City. How is the Wachovia Sale effecting your company? Your job search?

Also, check out some 'brazen' tips on how to 'bullet proof' your job during a poor economy.

- Rosie Reilman

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