Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Winston Salem, NC Job Fair - Live on October 1!

We're always striving to bring you relevant information about employment in the Carolinas and our newest feature is streaming video of our Job Fair events. We will stream our first job fair next Wednesday, October 1, from 10am until 2pm.

If you are unable to attend the job fair but want to see what our events are all about, simply bookmark this post and check back during the job fair to watch all of the action. We may even surprise you with tips from some of the recruiters.

We hope you can attend the Job Fair in person, but if you can't, we'll cover it for you. (The live event will appear in the box below. If it's between 10 and 2 on October 1, 2008, please hit the reload button in your browser to start viewing the live stream.)

Video clips at Ustream


Greg said...

Wow, that's awesome Rosie! What kind of camera are you using for this? I am interested to see the live interaction, it should be fun!

The Employment Guide said...

We have a webcam that we're trying it out with. Yeah should be interesting! We're going to try and get some of the recruiters to talk throughout the event too. Thanks, Greg!

- Rosie

Anonymous said...

where is everyone?

The Employment Guide said...

Hey - the doors opened at 10, so you'll have to check back! Thanks for visiting! Hope you were able to catch the recruiter interviews we did before the event. It's something new we're trying so please bear with us and definitely send feedback to me on what we can do better.

- Rosie