Thursday, February 21, 2008

Career Specific Dieting Advice

Have you seen them? The bathing suits are already out in the stores. Yikes! All the new spring fashions are upon us already and as the weather warms up, people start thinking about health and fitness. There is a pretty great forum for health and fitness support and motivation at Big Huge Minds, through which there is a career specific forum that allows you to talk with other folks in your profession and come up with creative ideas on overcoming the setbacks that you might face.

For example, recruiters are often desk-bound, police officers are often on the beat and see only fast foods available, store clerks are often on their feet, etc. Sometimes maintaining motivation can be difficult in these situations.
Bill Vick from Employment Digest has an awesome review about this forum in which he has a couple of interview questions from the creator of Big Huge Minds. Definitely worth checking out. It's also good way to find out what kind of limitations lie ahead of you if, say, you're trying to get into a specific career.

Finding the right exercises and diets for your career is good for not your well being but your overall productivity and company morale!

Bring on the warm weather and the beaches!

- Rosie Reilman, Photo by gailf548

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