Thursday, December 27, 2007

We're Growing North Carolina! Looking Back on Population 2007

If you're like me, you're a transplant here in the Carolinas. North Carolina this year saw a 2.2% increase in population with South Carolina right behind with a 1.8% increase.

Some other fun facts from the Census include:

Approximately 191,048 people arrived here over the past year. 128,849 babies born were born in 2007 in North Carolina. 74,229 residents died in the past year. If no one moved to North Carolina last year, NC population still would have increased by 54,620.

However, you and I know this isn't the case. There were 136,428 who moved here in the past year. Most relocated from other states adding up to 111,963 people. The remainder were international immigrants.

The Western states of Nevada and Arizona are top in this particular population growth census. North Carolina and South Carolina are in the top 9 and 10 slots.

So if you're new to Charlotte or any other city in North Carolina, welcome! We've got some great job opportunities waiting for you! Also please feel free to browse our site and check out the resources we have listed for more great information about the Charlotte area, education opportunities and job hunting tips. If you still haven't made the plunge to move to the great Southeast, stay tuned for job fair information. We have a few coming up in 2008, starting in February.

Here's to a fabulous and prosperous New Year!

- Rosie Reilman
US Census Bureau Quick Facts; NC Among Fast Growing States

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