Tuesday, December 04, 2007

CareersinGear.com: Trucking Stories

Our most recent edition of Careers in Gear came out this week! You can pick up a CareersinGear magazine at Petro's, Love's, Flying J's and other truck stops on the interstates. Not only will you find great trucking jobs across your region, but you'll also find interesting industry information and stories of other truckers around the country. In the most recent Midwest edition, we have two great stories about a couple who work together on team routes. Here's an excerpt from The Trucking Tandem:

As the Baby Boomer generation has started to make its way out of the office and into retirement, many are looking for ways to stay active without having to work a traditional nine-to-five job. In addition, couples and good friends who want a freer schedule and the ability to be their own boss choose team driving. For the husband and wife duo of Mark and Lori Crocker, team driving seemed like a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Mark and Lori Crocker hail from Bastrop, TX, and drive for Schneider National. Mark and Lori are very different in their trucking backgrounds. Mark has been in the trucking industry for ten-and-one-half years and has traveled all over the country hauling loads. Lori, on the other hand, just received her CDL from Schneider National approximately two months ago and is new to driving big rigs. “I’ve had to shift gears between being a mother, being a truck driver, being a wife, being a daughter … so that’s really been quite an adjustment, but you just hang with it,” commented Lori...

When asked to give advice to future team drivers, the couple felt that meeting the driver before getting in the truck was essential in determining compatibility. A common theme seemed to be communication between the two drivers in order to make long travels as smooth as possible. The couple advised that a new driver should be open about pet peeves (i.e. loud radio, smoking, snoring, etc.) so that their partner can do his or her best to accommodate. While the couple admits that not all drivers paired together will make a good team, Lori concluded by stating, “There will be some days when all you want to do is just hang it up--but stay with it.”
Read the full article by Matthew Harrell here.

The Southeast edition will soon be out so truckers in North and South Carolina, be on the look out for it. It'll have more great articles like this one, plus the latest trucking jobs in your area.

-Rosie Reilman

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