Friday, September 28, 2007

Picker Packer Picked a Packers' Pack of Pickled Peppers…

Part of my job I help to write job descriptions so that you, the job seekers will be able to find the jobs when you search in Google or any other search engine, or when you search our own website. Anyways, in one of my hunts to find more information about Pickers and Packers, I found this rather humorous blog post about an office admin for a warehouse company and their dilemma over the confusion of the jobs of the order pickers and the packers in the warehouse. It turned into quite the tongue twister! I thought those of you who work as a picker or a packer, or who work in a warehouse even would find it kind of funny. Enjoy!

Today at work an employee who works as an order picker said to me,“You give all the orders to the packers to pick, and if the packers pick all the orders then there is nothing left for the pickers to pick. ”
“Can you say that again please?” I nicely replied“We are pickers, not packers. We pick. If you give orders to the packers to pick then we have nothing to do, so let the pickers pick and the packers pack, and don’t let the packers pick at all!”

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