Monday, July 23, 2007

How to Sell Your Company to Qualified Applicants

Today's ERE Daily has a great article by Dr. John Sullivan about how to sell applicants on your opportunities and how to make a list of selling points to get qualified candidates to respond to ads and even accept offers.

Many organizations struggle to get enough high-quality applicants. While corporate websites, job boards, and events generate lots of flow, most agree that the quality is lacking in a vast majority of applicants.

The culprit might be how organizations sell their opportunities. A quick scan of major job boards, print advertisements, and corporate career sites reveals that organizations rely on ordinary, bland recruiting materials and dull position descriptions to attract talent.

It is evident that little emphasis is placed on making the recruiting pitch truly exciting. The lack of effort is indicative of an often oversubscribed premise that the talent you are after already knows how great you are as an employer, so you don't need to spark their interest in your openings.

It's a premise that is rarely true, unless you happen to work for a small handful of rather elite companies. If you don't, there is an alternative approach that accepts recruiting as a form of sales and dictates that recruiters become more adept at articulating differentiated "selling points" (i.e., a value proposition).

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