Monday, July 02, 2007

Golfers in Transition Charlotte - Play a game, relax and network

Last month I had the privilege of attending a Career in Transition group at a local church here in Charlotte to offer resources that our office had. These groups can be great for people looking to change careers or who are looking for work, not only for the great amount of support that these groups seem to provide but a way of getting ideas and new contacts. I spoke with one of the members at the meeting and he told me about a group called Golfers in Transition. There are several chapters and one happens to be in the Charlotte area. Members go golfing together and network with professionals and recruiters in the Charlotte area. If golfing isn't your bag, the group also goes to movies together, participates in service projects like Habitat for Humanity and more. It seems like a great group to stay busy during your employment transition, get support, or to network with local recruiters and job seekers. Who says you can't combine a hobby you love with your job search?

Posted by Rosie Reilman, Internet Sales Specialist.


Danny Fischer said...

Played with this group last year when they were in Pineville. That course has since closed. Where do they play now and what day?

Rosie said...

Danny - if you follow the link you can join and get all the information. I believe they play at Carolina Trail, but I'm not sure. Thanks for the comment!