Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hiring and Retention… Honor your Superstar Employees to get new ones

The job market has slowed down a little bit. With unemployment at around 4% nationwide, recruiting can become somewhat difficult with the unemployed pool getting smaller. It's been said that there is a 'war for talent' out there and companies are forced to rethink their recruiting efforts, advertise more and work harder to retain the employees they don't want to lose to other companies.

In Susan M. Heathfield's article, lack of recognition made the top 10 list of her reasons employees would stay or leave a company. She writes:
"A common place complaint or lament I hear during an exit interview is that the employee never felt senior managers knew he existed. By senior managers I refer to the president of a small company or a department or division head in a larger company. Take time to meet with new employees to learn about their talents, abilities and skills. Meet with each employee periodically. You'll have more useful information and keep your fingers on the pulse of your organization. It's a critical tool to help employees feel welcomed, acknowledged and loyal."

When thinking about ways that you can recognize your star employees, why not start by getting on board with our Superstar Employee program throughout July? We'll run this special section in our paper and online for 4 weeks and can highlight up to 4 of your best employees. Each recognized employee will be entered to win a new laptop. Not only will your company's best be put into the spotlight, others will see that you recognize your star performers, and learn more about why they want to work for your company. We're also offering these ads at pretty amazing discounted prices as well. You can email me with more information and some additional discount opportunities on this program. It's a great way to brand, keep your best and get a few more on board.

Posted by Rosie Reilman, Internet Sales Specialist

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