Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Video Resumes: Not to Replace but to Compliment Traditional Resumes

Guest post by Peggy Fleming from CVOne.

You should remember that a video resume itself is not a replacement for the traditional resume or cover letter, but rather a dynamic addition to the materials employers already require.

With video resumes becoming more and more popular, the need for information on how to do them right has become very important. There is no strict standard for how or what your video resumes should consist of, yet, we highly recommend that you follow some basic steps to ensure your video resume is as professional and presentable as possible.

First things first! Your video resume should never be sent alone or without a traditional resume and cover letter. The recruiter wants to see who you are on paper and print out your resume to compare against others, or to discuss with colleagues. That said, consider a video resume the addition that can bring out your personality and further elaborate on your experiences in your own words. The video resume added to a cover letter and standard resume shows employers that you have put in that extra effort to get the job, and suggests that you will go above and beyond as an employee.

It is also important to remember that many companies have standardized and transparent recruiting processes in order to give the job search some equality, curtail discrimination, and limit potential liability. For this reason, any missing documents or information such as educational background or previous work experience could be grounds for your application’s disqualification. Therefore, CVOne is designed to make the essential components of your application accessible on the job seeker’s personal Internet page, i.e. http://YourName.gocvone.com
  • - Video
  • - Resume
  • - Cover Letter

Lastly, be sure to present yourself in your videos as professionally as possible. Your energy, attire, and concise language are key in making a great impression in your video resume. The combination of your traditional application and videos that bring out your personality and capabilities will be your best chance at landing the position you really want!

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