Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Charlotte's Job Market is Growing

Do you like your job? If you're saying no, you're not alone. A article published by MarketWatch, says that 53% of employees would be singing the popular Rolling Stones song about their employment. The article also reported that this is a change from 20 years ago when 61% of people were satisfied with their job. And from only 2 years ago when 52% said they were satisfied.

If you're one of the dissatisfied, what can you do about it? Start getting that resume polished, check out job search websites, go to job fairs and see what's out there. Maybe create a video resume, and learn some stealthy Web 2.0 tricks to brand yourself and make yourself more visible to potential employers.

Actually recently the Charlotte area, ranked 23rd for best job growth! Not only that, a lot of our suburbs and surrounding areas made Inc. Magazine's list as well. So there's plenty of options out there, maybe it's time for a change? Pick up The Employment Guide today!

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