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Weddle's 2006 User's Choice Awards

Which job boards are best? It’s a perennial question, but also an odd one. It’s often asked and just as often ignored. We all want to maximize the return on our investment of time, effort and money online, so we are always on the look out for top employment sites. At the same time, however, we all live in the real world where CFO deal-making and inadequate time and resources force us to use the same sites over and over again.

Best practices can and do get trumped by the real world. It happens all the time … unless you have a legitimate alternative that will stand up to the misapplied economics of the CFO and to the time constraints that limit our ability to be good consumers. Providing such an alternative is what the annual WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Awards are all about.

Each year, we invite those who are most expert in job board performance—the corporate and third party recruiters and job seekers who use them—to vote for the best sites on the Web. This year’s poll is our fourth, and it set a record for participation; almost 50,000 people cast their ballots during the year. We select the 30 sites with the most votes and recognize them for what they are: your winners.

This year’s results offer an intriguing perspective on the health and diversity of the online employment services industry. Among the 2006 User’s Choice Awards winners:

  • Almost a third—a total of nine sites—are making their first appearance on this year’s list;

  • Two-thirds are niche or specialty sites providing recruiting support in a specific career field, industry, location or affinity group (e.g., veterans, diversity candidates);

  • One-third are general purpose sites providing recruiting support in a wide range of professions, crafts and trades, industries and geographic locations; and

  • The entire group collectively presents a revealing cross-section of the key organizations and trends in online recruiting today. For example, just one site is operated by a professional association, two specialize in entry level employment for college graduates, three sites serve executives and senior level professionals, three are actually networks of sites providing access to a broader range of talent, six are totally or partially owned by or have established partnerships with newspapers, and eight either operate other job boards or are owned by organizations that do.

Are there other good job boards out there on the Web? Of course. What distinguishes this group, however, is that actual users have taken the time to express their support for them. There’s no higher compliment a job board can receive, which is why these sites deserve to be known as the elite of the online employment services industry in 2006.

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