Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What is the Charlotte Job Spot?

The Charlotte Job Spot is a job advice blog that seeks to offer information about jobs in Charlotte, NC. This blog is affiliated with The Charlotte edition of The Employment Guide, a national free recruitment newspaper and award winning niche job board. Contributors are mostly employees of our office. Sometimes you'll see an occasional guest post from someone outside of our office. Please note that anything you see on this blog are the opinions and views of the author and not necessarily the opinions and views of The Employment Guide, or Dominion Enterprises. However, we do try and provide you with useful information and resources regarding your job search particularly those who are searching for jobs in Charlotte, NC.

You'll find a number of helpful resources on our blog.

NC Jobs Podcasts - Podcasts are a nice change from reading. Let your eyes relax and listen as we tell you about great job opportunities in the Charlotte area. Occasionally we'll announce a print or online advertising special going on in our area for recruiters to help with their candidate search and hiring needs. We also might include information about a job fair, or tips for job seekers in finding a job, interview or anything else related to the job search.

Job Spot Chat - This feature allows you to chat live with someone in our office about anything related to your job search. Adding this interactive feature allows us to provide you with the very best and take your job search into the Web 2.0 realm! We may not know all of the answers, but we will do our best to point you in the right direction. Most the time you'll be talking to me, Rosie, but occasionally you might get to chat with someone else in the office.

These are just a few of the great things our blog has to offer. I hope you'll take the time to look through some of the articles and links we've posted. Don't forget to add our RSS Feed to your homepage or subscribe by email to get updates on great information about jobs in Charlotte! And if you find our blog particularly useful, be sure to add our link to your website! Thanks for visiting!