Friday, April 13, 2007

5 Steps How To Create A Video Resume

Guest Post from Peggy Fleming from CVOne

Video resumes have advantages for both the job seeker and the hiring manager. However, it must be done right. Don’t confuse a video resume with a video interview. A video interview is a video conference between the jobseeker and the recruiter. The video resume on the other hand, is a video that highlights the skills, talents and goals of the job seeker verbally. Most importantly, it should not be just a YouTube-style video, recorded on a Sunday afternoon on your patio.

Your personal job application website (URL) should include:

  • Written CV or resume (pdf, html or Word format)
  • Cover letter (pdf, html or Word format)
  • Video

Click to see a sample video resume.

How to create a video resume:

Step I: Download a video resume software such as CVOne at
Step II: Upload your CV and cover letter from your PC or laptop
Step III: Record your video (PC, webcam and microphone needed)
Step IV: Choose a personal name for your website such as and publish your complete resume.
Step V: Send your link to hiring managers, post it on job board and career networks or include it in your printed resume which you hand out at job fairs.

Tips and tricks to keep in mind for your video resume:

  • Don’t let your eyes drift! Many video resume applicants tend not to look directly into the camera. Avoid moving your head too much. You will be perceived as more confident and secure.

  • Bedroom is a big no-no! Keep in mind that the background will be seen by the recruiter. So, try to set up a professional background such as a blank wall or a nice room. You might want to try out different lighting schemes and test what looks best.

  • Dress the same as you would for a job interview. Keep in mind that a professional appearance will tell the audience that you are serious about the message you are delivering. In general, you can't go wrong with a business suit or formal dress in a neutral color.

  • Don’t make it a movie! Create several shorter video sections instead of one long one. This allows hiring managers to jump back and forth between sections such as introduction, academic background and practical experience

  • Password protection: Your video can very easily be accessed via Internet by everybody. If you wish to allow only selected people access, you must choose a provider that offers password protection.

Need more information on video resumes? See or call 619-795-3270.
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Robin Ogden said...

Good tips - Video Resumes are definately taking off and are a terrific way to introduce yourself and your 'personal style' to an employer.

Robin Ogden

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Anonymous said...

These are excellent tips! I found this video resume service that looks really cool, called TalentRooster -- check it out!!